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After more than twenty years of wedding photography, I have come to believe a photojournalistic/documentary style of photography is priceless. No staged poses. No forced smiles. It tells the true story of the event. It narrates the moments of joy uniting two families, the traditional and sometimes creative dance of father and daughter, the bittersweet parting of the mother and son, and the laughter, joy and sadness that occurs in between the spiritual ceremony and receptions. I long to capture these unforgettable ephemeral moments. This is my style.

My style is distinctive and artistic. I have a strong imagination that flows naturally in capturing the wedding as it unfolds. I am also considered friendly, relaxed and fun to work with. But for my clients, the quality that I project the most is creativity – an attribute that has became the ethos of my images.

I have developed my style and skills through years of experience. I am a photographer based in Quito, Ecuador. I have been doing photography for over half my life.



Each couple that comes to me is unique. I believe that couples deserve the best of the best, that the beginning of their journey in holy matrimony is sacred, and that every moment of that special day needs to be captured and preserved as once-in-a-lifetime memories. I customize coverage and offer personal album consultations. Below you can find the links to some of my work:

Portfolio of documentary style of photography.


Sometimes, couples come to me and ask for a pre- or post- wedding session/shoot. This is a different kind of photography which I try to make as fun and memorable as possible. Below you will find the links of some of my work.


I see beauty everywhere: in people and in nature. When my client asks me for a certain concept or when I feel like creating images, I also do other types of photography.

Below are some of my works:



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Ernesto Jun Santos