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The photos are spectacular! I love them so much! He is very kind and easy to work with. His English is excellent. He captured all the special moments throughout the wedding. We were very surprised with how quickly he was able to create our album. Since it was a destination wedding we were only there for a week after the big day, but he was able to bring it to us just before we left so we could have it for our reception in Canada. I’m so glad we chose him! Rachael Duncan
Ernesto Jun Santos Photography did an unbelievable job with our wedding photos! Jun and his son were professional and made the picture taking process easy and fun. The pictures came out better than we could have ever hoped for as our photographer knew the best locations and was able to capture the emotions of us getting married! He also went above and beyond getting our pictures back to us before even we expected them. Truly a 100% professional. We highly recommend! Thanks for everything! Edward & Michaela Ernst
Excellent. Pragmatic. Versatile.  His professionalism is reflected in the trustworthiness he inspires, his spontaneous ideas and the quality of the final work. They are beyond our expectations. The investment was 100% worth it. You were able to capture the feelings and the essence of our special day. I even relive that special day when I look at the photos. Anibal Yandun
We laughed when we both said at the same time “This photo looks like something out of National Geographic”. We not only marveled at how spontaneous and exotic the photos came out, but also the fact that we see all the emotions we want to recall each time we look at the them. This became evident when our parents cried when we showed them the album. Thanks Jun! Paula Teran y
Juan Darío Castro
I loved the photos the first time I visited your blog. They are not simply photos out of a camera but art you make your clients fall in love with. This is what got me, which is not anything compared to the price because when one comes before your professionalism it is a gift. Tathy Borja
Jun is able to mix professionalism and fun into his work. On a very stressful day he was able to capture the beautiful moments that would otherwise have been forgotten about. His vision and support will always be special to us. Joseph Duffy
Thank you very much. After seeing the photographs taken at my friend’s wedding (Diana + Christoph), I have fallen in love with your work! I love the way you capture the essence and soul of the moment in your photographs. Katty Montenegro
Just wanted to thank you for all your help at my brother Esteban’s wedding with Emi. During the weekend we saw the album, the videos and the photos. You have no idea what a pleasant surprise it was to see your work and remember the precious moments we lived that day. Vale Moscoso
Super happy with the photo shoot with Jun. He is a great person, patient, friendly and kind apart from being a great professional. It is clear he does it because he likes it and for this reason I am sure the photos are going to be great. Juan José Ramírez
I am really impressed with Ernesto’s ability and charisma! I have always dreaming of having this experience!! These photos not only represent a wedding, but the love that still prevails after six years of marriage. I am sure it will not end, but thank God will increase. Anabel
We really like the spontaneous photos and we loved the naturalness with which they were taken, it was enjoying each other’s company, our friendship, our love and spending time together without noticing at all that we were being watched by the lens of an excellent professional of photography. Pablo Gualpa
I want to thank you and at the same time congratulate you for such beautiful and dedicated work. Thanks you’re your beautiful dedication towards us and for making our dream a memory that will last forever. A big hug. Karla & Milton
Congratulations Jun. You were able to capture images so beautiful that all they lack is sound. The beauty of the San Francisco church with a freshness of life….may its love and happiness live on in the same manner as shown in your artistic works of photographic art! Martha Paredes-Barros
We want to thank you for the excellent job you did at our civil wedding. It was a special moment which will most certainly remain forever in our hearts. Mario José Solano
I loved my photo in the corset. It looks so artistic and I can see myself showing these photos to my children until I am an old lady. My mom and husband loved it. I really love the photo. Thanks Jun. Estefania
Each time I look at the album I remember the beautiful moments on that great day, thank you very much Jun. Daniela
A lovely moment captured by the best photographer ever! Thanks for the magnificent work at my wedding. You are a genius at photography! I hope you are with us during other events. Tania Troya
Jun I am in love with your photos! Thanks to you I can relive that beautiful and special moment! I love your style of totally spontaneous photography. You are the best photographer. Cris Yaselga
Oh I am very happy with the photos. Incredible! An excellent job, thanks for your time and for being so cool. I hope we can repeat the experience. Yanina Noboa
Thank you very much for today, we had a great time with you and we believe you have carried out a job beyond excellent. Pamela Vásquez
Thank you very much for the photos! They are precious! I love your work beyond a doubt. I want to thank you very much. A big hug. Cristina Sempere
Thank you so much for your creativity, simplicity, warmth and smile which made us feel very comfortable and trust your work wholeheartedly. Gaby Contreras
Thanks… the photos are really nice….. Excellent work. You a really good photographer and for sure we will call you for our next family get together. Karina Noboa
I have just seen the photos on your website and they are beautiful. Thank you for your great work and I am counting the days until I can see all the photos. Karina Noboa
This moment will remain frozen in time, thanks Jun. The photo is perfect! Soledad Camacho
Excellent images from the bridal boudoir session, Jun…. They are more art than photograph. Jorge Galarza
Nice photos, they have a special touch, enigmatic, romantic and above all elegant. Maritza Andrade
Jun, simply beautiful photos. Gorgeous! Congratulations, great work. Gabriela Velasco
I congratulate you, the photos are beautiful, it really shows that you love what you do!!!! Paola Paredes